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Who we are
UPM( Ushine precision machining ) specialize in the manufacture of CNC precision turned/milled parts for a number of key industry sectors , including Hydraulics & Pneumatic, Automotive, Medical, Electrical, Electronics ,Solar energy etc. both to China market and overseas like Europe and USA.
We also offer appropriate solutions in terms of Sourcing, Production follow-up, Consultancy(technical , inquiry, support in establishment) in China. 
At UPM you are dealing with a team of experts, innovative in approach, progressive in thinking and who know the industries they serve.
We understand our customers want: good parts ,delivered on-time ,at the best possible cost.
Our commitment to providing reliable products and services enables us to establish and maintain very strong partnership programs with our clients.

How UPM can work for clients:
◎All new projects will be governed and managed via NDA’s directly signed by UPM Engineering to ensure customers’ data protection
◎UPM will send the quote based on technical &commercial feasibility on RFQ
◎UPM will ensure product quality & on time delivery
◎UPM can 100% inspect all parts prior to dispatch if required
◎UPM will be following QMS based on TS16949 as applicable to product lines
◎UPM will support its customers with kanban Stocks

Slide heading turning
CNC machining
Cold forming
Investment precision casting

China sourcing:
Laser cutting
Iron/steel casting
Plastic injection
Rubber parts
Die casting

Additional services:
Finishing operations such as painting, plating, anodizing, coating and polishing.
Prototype, development and assembly work.
Heat treatment, including hardening and stress relieving.
Components can be engraved, stamped or marked as required.
Protected and suitably packaged, components will be dispatched as necessary.
Chemical component and Mechanical properties  analysis, Metallurgical testing.

Processing Implemented:
Customer Requirement Review
Identification Of Customer Specific Requirement
Manufacturing Process Design
Process FMEA
Control Plan
Production Part Processes Approval
QAP for RM, Process&Products



Contact: Mr. Joseph.Lou

Phone: +86 15721466838

Tel: +86 21 64202353


Add: Rm 312 Bld.C No.2755 Yindu Rd Shanghai 201108 P.R. China

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